Simple Ways to Create and Optimize SEO Content Without Complex Tools

by Laura on October 7, 2017

Simple Ways to Create and Optimize SEO Content Without Complex ToolsSEO tools can be handy but also expensive and limited in some cases. If you rely too much on them, you risk turning your content into something your audience can hardly connect to.

 Instead, it’s often best to take things the old fashioned way, and create your content without resorting to any complicated tools or tricks. That way you stand a chance to put your own imprint on your content, and your readers will be just as likely to get into it as the search engine bots.

 Writing Your Own Content

 SEO content writing is easy as long as you keep track of a few simple recommendations, including those pointed out by some of the latest Huffington Post articles on SEO.

 To get your blog posts and articles to achieve a higher ranking in SERPs, consider using variations of keywords and placing them naturally throughout the article. Also, make sure you focus on integrating your main keywords into your headings and subheadings, into your meta title and description, and into your anchor text for links pointing out to other pages on your site or to other authority content.

 Finally, make sure you keep track of your article’s readability, grammar, spelling and overall structure. You’ll want to break it down into sections, paragraphs and bullet points for easy reading and to score better points with Google.

 Hire a Reliable Service

 While optimizing your content can take a little time, writing it will take a lot longer. Also, as the experts at Search Engine Land point out, it is extremely important to make sure your content is top notch. This is why opting for one of the best SEO content writing services on the market might be your way to success.

 Even if you’re a good blogger, keeping up with all the demands of your business might not be possible anymore once you expand. Also, to get the best results, you might need help from professionals who have been dealing with SEO for years or even decades. As such, pick your content services carefully, and once you do, you can just watch your business grow in size and profit.

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