A Few of the Less Common Tips on SEO Content That You Should Know About

by Laura on November 3, 2017

A Few of the Less Common Tips on SEO Content That You Should Know AboutA lot of content writers and marketers already know that they have to write or plan their content based on what their audience want. Also, they have a pretty clear picture of what Google likes and how they’d like their content to be structured.

However, when it comes to SEO content, there are still a lot of questions that beginning marketers don’t have the answers to. The experts at Titan SEO have recently revealed a few of the SEO secrets that you definitely have to know in order to make it big:

  1. Keep all your unique content under the same roof. If you have a blog, for example, make sure that every time you post a new video or write a guest post on someone else’s blog, your audience will know about it – either through links or embedding your content.
  2. Structure all your posts through a more efficient, readable format. Aside from making sure they’re grammatically correct, you should also use shorter words that are easy to read, and break down your paragraphs into smaller sections or bullet points.
  3. Establish Google Authorship for all your blog posts and articles. Bloggers who use their own names and business profiles can benefit a great deal from increasing their reputation, as well as their click rate, through Google Authorship.
  4. Refine your keywords using long-tail keyword phrases to make your SEO promotion tactic more efficient. If you’re using SEO blog content, writtent.com points out that this approach will ensure that you can boost traffic, increase your returns and minimize your competition to a drastic extent.

If you’re still new to content-based marketing, it is recommended that you try working closely together with an established content service that can not only give you quality content and useful guidance, but that can also minimize your workload, allowing you to focus on many additional aspects of your marketing strategy.

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