Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you guys?

We are a cool team of talented writers and editors, living all around the world, working from our homes as freelancers. Most of the writers live in developing countries. The editors are native English speakers, admittedly some of them with funny accents; you know who you are, you from Down Under.

Dan, the owner of this service, is a 45 year old single full time father, with a passion for making money online. If you ask me, he is a workaholic and should take breaks more often. I’m sometimes really worried for him. I guess making money online it’s kind of addictive…

Where can I find some samples of your work?

You can find samples here. If there is nothing from your niche, you can get a sample article for only 1 (one) cent from here.

Wait a second, you’re offering a sample article for only 1 (one) cent? Are you nuts?

If you’d ask our competitors, they will certainly tell you that we are nuts. However, Dan thinks that offering a sample article for 1 (one) cent is just business common sense.

How can you guarantee amazing quality at such a low price? Is this a scam and should I report you to BBB?

No, this is absolutely no scam!

Dan created this service to cover his own content needs. Judging by the success of his sites, the content must be pretty good. Besides, he sees this as his pet project, a non-profit created to keep us, his writers and editors, busy while things are a bit slower. He makes next to no money out of it, and passes all the saving down to you.

Are your articles 100% unique?

A b s o l u t e l y!!! If a writer sends duplicate content, Dan’s sends him to the dog house for an undetermined amount of time; this is worst than it sounds!

Our budget is substantial and we use it daily to check every single one of your articles before delivery.

Moreover, for bigger projects, we save the content within our very own Copyscape Private Index, and check the articles twice: once against the internet database, and once against our Private Index. This ensures that writers are not rewriting their own articles; pretty nifty, huh?!

How long does article writing take?

It depends. We are using a secret proprietary formula to calculate the TAT, a.k.a. the Turn-Around Time. This formula was passed from generation to generation, and it will only be divulged to Dan’s daughter when she is of age.

Now really, you just need to ask before you place an order, and you’ll find out how long it will take to receive awesome content. Head over to the Contact page, and send us your requirements. You’ll usually receive a quote in less than 4 hours.

How do I buy articles?

With money, how else. We accept all major credit cards, securely through PayPal or Google Checkout.

Sometimes, if you send Dan a nice post card from your beautiful city, you even get content for (almost) free; see here for more details.

Can your writing team write about ANY subject?

Absolutely! We are excellent researchers. Since we realize your top goal is to create compelling content that boosts your reputation and increases your sales conversions, we write with your business goals in mind as well.

How much does article writing cost?

Not enough! We pride ourselves on offering the lowest priced web content available on the market, at the highest possible quality. See here for a complete price list of our content services. If you don’t find your product on the list, head over to the Contact page, and let us know what you need; we’ll price it fairly for you.

Do you guarantee my article will be accepted to any article directory?

Yes, or your money back!

I was trying to make a joke about this one, but thinking how serious the boys and gals over at have become since Panda sent them down the SERP abysses, I thought it’s better not to.

I truly liked the content you sent. Do I get something in return if I recommend you to my buddies?

Yes, you do – our eternal gratitude. Also, you can become an affiliate, have your own content written for free and/or earn a nice commission. Head over here for more details.

Why are you such an awesome web content writing service?

That one’s easy. We love what we are doing! For us, writing web content comes naturally. And Dan is an awesome boss that keeps us nicely motivated.

What if I have an infrequent asked question?

Head over to our Support area and send Dan an email. He will make sure to give you a competent, and often witty, answer.