A lot of people believe that, in order to make an online promotion strategy work, they have to write content for SEO. This means focusing strictly on the factors evaluated by the algorithms used by Google or Bing and paying no attention to the structure and appeal of the content, as seen from a viewer […]

The experts at Forbes can provide you with a lot of essential insights regarding what quality content  is and why you need it. Whether you’re running an SEO campaign meant to promote your blog, or you want to achieve the power of viral content, the quality and specific targeting of your content needs to be top […]

While promoting brick-and-mortar businesses, a lot of people would prefer to use more “concrete” forms of marketing and advertising, such as fliers, banners and brochures. However, as the experts at businesscollective.com have said, there is still a lot we can talk about the power and potential of online marketing with regards to these types of businesses. […]