About This Site

I’m Dan, and I can help you improve the quality of your website, increase your traffic, and generate sales through quality online content and copywriting.

I created this service first and foremost to cover my own content needs. I have a portfolio of  highly successful affiliate sites, and I’m in permanent need of original and relevant content. In fact, I am still the biggest client of my own content service. I have been working with the same writers and editors for many years, and I can guarantee that you’re going to receive the same great content that I publish on my own sites.

I don’t overcharge for my services, I value honesty and customer satisfaction, and I work hard for my clients.

If you’re looking for quality content, at affordable prices, delivered by a reliable team of dedicated and talented writers, then please read further.

What I can do for you

The content on your website has two jobs to do. First, it has to help your website rank in the search engines for targeted keywords that are related to your business. If it fails to do this job, your website won’t get the traffic it deserves.

The second job your website copy has to do is to convince your visitors to become customers. If you get tons of traffic but no sales, your website copy isn’t doing its job.

When you hire me, you get someone who knows how to write website content that can do both jobs: get traffic, and turn that traffic into paying customers.

What services I’m offering

I lead a team of professional SEO writers and editors. Simply put, if it’s online, we write it. Please find below a few examples of work we’ve done:

  • SEO keyword articles, LSI embedded
  • SEO press releases
  • Professional blog posts
  • eBooks and blog promotions
  • Link blurbs, including relevant anchor text
  • Sales copy and general copywriting
  • Keyword research packages
  • Researched topic articles
  • Forum comments
  • High PR Blog Comments

What my guarantees are

  • 100% unique content that will pass Copyscape. No Exceptions!
  • The content will be accepted to any major article directory
  • The content will be accepted to Unique Article Wizard, and be suitable for the Article Marketing Robot, as well as BuildMyRank (well, they are gone now, but I’m quite sure something else will fill the void)
  • My writers will research the topics and will write an empathetic copy with calls to action
  • The articles will be written in proper English, without verbosity
  • The keywords will be placed in the title, in the first and last phrase, and in the body, preferably also in subtitles, at maximum 1% density
  • If you’d like to insert LSI words, this would be also possible. I could help you research those LSI words in case you’re struggling with it
  • The keywords and the LSI words will be highlighted to speed up the articles’ proofing
To your success!